NiftyLink  18.05.0 - 6b39d59a19
A small, light-weight library to facilitate communication over OpenIGTLink.
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 NniftkThe niftk namespace should be used for all files in the NiftyLink/Code and NiftyLink/Testing folders
 CNiftyLinkAppNiftyLinkApp is a demo app to connect and stream data between two server nodes
 CNiftyLinkClientServerTestsTests for basic single message client/server sending/receiving
 CNiftyLinkDescriptorTestsTests for classes in file NiftyLinkXMLBuilder.h and classes NiftyLinkClientDescriptor etc
 CNiftyLinkImageMessageHelpersTestsTests for classes in NiftyLinkImageMessageHelpers.h
 CNiftyLinkMessageContainerWrapper for OpenIGTLink message types
 CNiftyLinkMessageContainerTestsTests for NiftyLinkMessageContainer
 CNiftyLinkMessageCounterSimple container object to work out some statistics of the messages received
 CNiftyLinkMessageCounterTestsTests for classes in NiftyLinkMessageCounter and NiftyLinkMessageStatsContainer
 CNiftyLinkMessageManagerHelper class to avoid passing NiftyLinkMessageContainer over Qt::QueuedConnection
 CNiftyLinkMessageStatsContainerSimple container to contain the statistics from messages, so we can pass statistics information over signals/slots etc
 CNiftyLinkQThreadExtends QThread and makes it sure that the event loop has started
 CNiftyLinkTcpClientTCP client that runs a QTcpSocket via a NiftyLinkTcpNetworkWorker in another NiftyLinkQThread, sending and receiving OpenIGTLink messages
 CNiftyLinkTcpNetworkWorkerWorker object, to be run in a separate NiftyLinkQThread by NiftyLinkTcpServer or NiftyLinkTcpClient
 CNiftyLinkTcpServerTCP server that processes multiple clients bound to a single port, running each in a separate NiftyLinkQThread using NiftyLinkTcpNetworkWorker, sending and receiving OpenIGTLink messages
 CNiftyLinkTrackingDataMessageHelpersTestsTests for classes in NiftyLinkTrackingDataMessageHelpers.h
 CNiftyLinkTransformMessageHelpersTestsTests for classes in NiftyLinkTransformMessageHelpers.h
 CNiftyLinkUtilsTestsTests for classes in NiftyLinkUtils.h
 NQsLoggingNamespace used in the QsLogging package, included within NiftyLink/Code/Libraries/Common folder
 CDebugOutputDestinationDebugger sink
 CDestinationBase class for FileDestination and DebugOutputDestination
 CDestinationFactoryCreates logging destinations/sinks
 CFileDestinationFile message sink
 CLoggerMain logging class, sorting out log levels, and logging destinations
 CHelperThe helper forwards the streaming to QDebug and builds the final log message
 CLoggerImplPrivate (d-pointer) logger implementation
 CQsDebugOutputLow level logging output, sorting out different outputs on different operating systems