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Jonathan Young

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Jonathan Young



Shape analysis has emerged as one of the key tools in the assessment and understanding of Alzheimer's disease and other neurogenerative diseases, offering the possibility of diagnosing cases before overt clinical symptoms become apparent.

Maps of the SPHARM theta (top row) and phi (bottom row)  parameters in a set of hippocampi

In particular, the hippocampus is known to both atrophy and alter in global shape in Alzheimer's patients.  My research involves using tools to parameterise the hippocampal shapes of large groups of both normal and Alzheimer's patients to characterise the group differences and eventually determine how both groups change over time and as the disease develops.  Currently I am using the SPHARM toolbox from the University of North Carolina.  This maps the faces of a volume onto a sphere and then calculates from this mapping how the shape can be represented as a sum of spherical harmonic functions.

Left-hand side image: visualisation of mesh generated from the SPHARM representation of a hippocampus.
Right-hand side image: Distance map between a hippocampus and a template for an average hippocampus shape


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