Important News!

New image gallery available! We have added a gallery section to the page, you can check some images taken during CDMRI'19. Enjoy and hope to see you next year!
The day is today! Enjoy CDMRI'19 and the presentation of the first resultts for the MUDI challenge.
CDMRI and MUDI Challenge Sponsors We would like to thank NVIDIA for the Titan V GPU and MedIAN UK for their economic support. We have amazing prizes thanks to our sponsors!
MUDI Challenge starts! The first subject of the MUDI Challenge dataset is ready to be released! Please check the Challenge tab for more details. The rest of the training subjects will be available soon. Please note that during the nexts 2/3 weeks there might be changes on the training data due to unpredicted problems that some groups might report. We encourage all the participants to report any issues or comments; we will try to improve the data (and the explanation provided) during these weeks.
ISMRM Endorsement to CDMRI'19. CDMRI has been endorsed for second consecutive year by the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM).
Further Extended deadline Deadline for submissions is now extended to the 14th of July.
MUDI Challenge First data for the challenge will be released on the 30th of June.
Extended deadline Deadline for submissions is now extended to the 30th of June.
Submissions Call for papers is open! Deadline: 15th of June 2019.
CDMRI'19 We are starting to plan the CDMRI'19 and MUDI (Multi-dimensional Diffusion MRI) challenge. We hope that you will like this year's plan!


Jian Cheng, Beihang University, Beijing, China "Processing with Directions: On Quantifying Local Geometric Structures of White Matter"
Bennett Landman, Vanderbilt University, Tennessee, USA "Current challenges and future in diffusion MRI"
Daniel Topgaard, Lund University, Lund, Sweden "Bringing diffusion-relaxometry correlation methods from porous media NMR to clinical MRI"
Anastasía Yendiki, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, USA "Connectome 2.0: Cutting-edge hardware brings new opportunities for computational diffusion MRI"
Daniel Alexander, University College London, London, UK "Microstructure imaging: computational models and machine learning"

Workshop Topics

Interest in diffusion MRI has exploded over the last two decades! This non-invasive technique provides unique measurements that are sensitive to the microstructure of living tissue. As microscopic tissue alterations are often the earliest signs of disease or regeneration, the variety of clinical applications is expanding rapidly and includes detection of lesions and damaged tissue, grading of cancerous tumors, prognosis of functional impairment and neurosurgical planning. Moreover, fiber tractography gives fundamental new insights into neuroanatomy by enabling us to map the connections between the different regions of the brain.

Computational techniques are key to the continued success and development of diffusion MRI and to its widespread transfer to the clinic. New processing methods are essential for addressing challenges at each stage of the diffusion pipeline: data acquisition, image reconstruction, biophysical modelling, model fitting, tissue microstructure mapping, fiber tracking, connectivity mapping, group studies, etc. In this variety of tasks, optimization methods, statistical inference, methods including machine learning and deep learning, visualization strategies and analysis are examples of current research subjects in the field.

This full-day MICCAI 2019 workshop, now in the twelfth edition, will give a snapshot of the current state of the art. Particular focus will be given to the opportunities that novel approaches such as machine learning techniques provide for computational diffusion MRI inside and outside the brain.

Important dates

June 30th, 2019 First subject (training dataset) for the MUDI Challenge is released
June 15th July 14th, 2019 Paper submission deadline
August 9th, 2019 Notification of acceptance
August 30th, 2019 Camera-ready paper submission
October 17th, 2019 Workshop at Shenzhen, China


This workshop will host the Multi-dimensional diffusion data (MUDI) 2019 challenge. Registration information TBA soon.